Cassiopée Applied Analytical Systems

Petr Kloucek, CEO/CSO

During his carrier, Petr Kloucek has been active in the field of applied, computational and numerical mathematics, materials science and biomedical research. His current active research focuses on computation psychiatry. He produced over eighty refereed publications as the main author, he has a book in preparation, and holds two patents. He obtained three awards for his scientific work. He brought up four Ph.D. students and he has been working with and supporting two post-doctoral associates. Three of his doctoral students and one of his post-doctoral associate hold professorial appointments in various Universities in the United States.

Jorgen Rauberg, CFO

Jorgen is an investment executive with more than 25 years of experience and direct transferable skills in, e.g., managing businesses on a both tactical and operational level with full financial responsibility such as developing and structuring products and services, with reliable and recurrent results, conducting business across cultures through an open and honest management style.

Barry Wilson, Strategy Officer

Barry Wilson, former CEO of Medtronic, joined Cassiopee to oversee strategy of the company. Barry has an MA from Cambridge and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business. Barry Wilson was appointed President of Medtronic International in 2001. In 2000 Canada and Latin America were added to his responsibilities. Since 2000, Mr. Wilson has been Chairman of Eucomed, the pan-European trade association that represents the manufacturers and distributors of medical technology products in Europe.

Stressors and stress measures

Real, symbolic, or imagined stimuli perceived as threatening by a person represent a stressor.
In the human spe-cies, proximity of other conspecifics can be either soothing or a major stressor depending on the context and the individuals involved.
Many factors constitute a major stressor for the elderly, especially those with cognitive impairment, when they are admitted to or stay in a hospital or nursing home.
Thus, adequate measures against stressors are paramount as a first step to reduce the negative influences of psychological stress to health.
Continuous psychological stress monitoring in daily life is important. There are two conventional methods to measure psychological stress: self-report and body fluid analysis.
The self-report method is hard put to monitor human stress consistently due to the lack of standards for stress status. The body fluid analysis is invasive and cannot measure stress continuously. | Phone: +41 079 317 7889 | Cassiopee Applied Analytical Systems, Sàrl, Lausanne, Switzerland