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To better understand the outcome of the complex graphs obtained, we introduce the Geometric Activity Performance Index (GAPI) defined as the ratio of the positive predictive performance area divided by the negative predictive performance area. It is a single number that is directly proportional to the positive predictive performance area.

Data Interrelations In Sport Science

To obtain a better overview of the training adaptation ongoing in each athlete, we consider combinations of the collected parameters rather than single parameter separately. We considered combinations of two training and/or recovery parameters and added personal best (%PBT) as the third parameter in each combination in order to confront the first two parameters with our performance outcome. For each combination and using Artificial Neural Networks, a geometric optimization.

Monitoring System

In 2017, a consensus statement on training monitoring stated that “monitoring athletes’ training load is essential for determining whether they are adapting to their training program, understanding individual responses to training, assessing fatigue and the associated need for recovery, and minimizing the risk of overtraining, injury, and illness” By doing so, training monitoring could also aim to enhance athletic performance. Recently and thanks to the new digital technologies, training monitoring has become increasingly popular in the world of sports. A lot of parameters are as useful to track in order to achieve an efficient athlete- and performance-oriented training monitoring.

Stressors and stress measures

Real, symbolic, or imagined stimuli perceived as threatening by a person represent a stressor.
In the human species, proximity of other nonspecific can be either soothing or a major stressor depending on the context and the individuals involved.
Many factors constitute a major stressor for the elderly, especially those with cognitive impairment, when they are admitted to or stay in a hospital or nursing home.
Thus, adequate measures against stressors are paramount as a first step to reduce the negative influences of psychological stress to health.
Continuous psychological stress monitoring in daily life is important. There are two conventional methods to measure psychological stress: self-report and body fluid analysis.
The self-report method is hard put to monitor human stress consistently due to the lack of standards for stress status. The body fluid analysis is invasive and cannot measure stress continuously. | Phone: +41 (0)79 317 7889 | Cassiopee Applied Analytical Systems, Sàrl, Lausanne, Switzerland