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Compound Indexing

Behavioral Identification

Spectral theory of stress


Geometric theory of stress

Stressors and stress measures

Real, symbolic, or imagined stimuli perceived as threatening by a person represent a stressor.
In the human species, proximity of other nonspecific can be either soothing or a major stressor depending on the context and the individuals involved.
Many factors constitute a major stressor for the elderly, especially those with cognitive impairment, when they are admitted to or stay in a hospital or nursing home.
Thus, adequate measures against stressors are paramount as a first step to reduce the negative influences of psychological stress to health.
Continuous psychological stress monitoring in daily life is important. There are two conventional methods to measure psychological stress: self-report and body fluid analysis.
The self-report method is hard put to monitor human stress consistently due to the lack of standards for stress status. The body fluid analysis is invasive and cannot measure stress continuously. | Phone: +41 (0)79 317 7889 | Cassiopee Applied Analytical Systems, Sàrl, Lausanne, Switzerland

Short Summaries

Compound Indexing: Introduction of behavioral entropy its underlying hysteresis and indexing of reactivity

Behavioral Identification: Introduction of centroids measures based on complexity of human behavioral patterns

Spectral Theory of Stress: Introduction of spectral theory of stress

Modelling Training Adaption Using AI: Introduction of the GAPI (Index): Geometric Athletic Performance Index

Predictive Geometric Theory of Stress: Introduction of an Artificial Intelligence based indexing of stress - pGSI, and resistance to the stress coefficient, pSRI

A theory of flocking: Introduction to social dynamics