Predictive Stress Monitoring Systems

Cassiopée stress watch combines neuroscinece, psychiatry and high level mathematics to introduce longitudal objective measures of mental and physiological stresses.

The combination of Physiological, Behavioral and Topological patterns and their subsequent complexity and geometric Artificial Inteligence analyses, and the use of wearable micro-biosensors as well as iCloud technology form the unique and novel stress watch.

The end-users, workers in emotional environments as well as first-responders, are presented with simple to read and to understand health indicators they can use to monitor their health. The information cycle has about twenty minutes delay to deliver a prediction of bouth stresses.

Stress Watch Flow

For more infos and use of this diagnostic system, please, contact Cassiopée.

Stress Watch

Stress Watch Stress Watch provides graphical representation of experianced of both mental and physical stress. In addition the computations, performed remotatdly, indicate the stress resistance as well as the evolution of stress exposer.
Stress Watch

The above figure shows various aspects of experianced stress, including history, prediction of its evolution icluding a state of the resistance to stress.