Smart Digital Biomarkers

Smart Digital Biomarkers (SDB) are a new type of biomarkers, mostly collected by smart biosensors such as Clinical Grade multi-channel sensors all the way up to personal communication devices.

Cassiopée's computational eco-system has been developed to add level of functionality to digital biomarkers by incorporating geometric AI as well as complexity layer to introduce Smart Digital Biomarkers providing actionable narrative of large and different typy of data. Its Targeted Digital Diagnostics/SDB structure is show here.

Cassiopée address data integrity assessment and reliability, hardware malfunctions, identification of relevant data, multiple interpretations, and baseline determination. DBs are usually non-invasive, modular and cheaper. DBs produce qualitative and quantitative measurements, but most importantly, they provide easier and cheaper access to continuous and longitudinal measurements.

An example shown here focuses on Bipolar Disorder in four dimensional space originating from ActiveMeter acceleration micro-scale data.

In addition to above capabilities, Cassiopée provides predictive capabilities of DBs by implementing gAI.

For more infos on the use of this novel DB platform, please, contact Cassiopée support.

Smart Digital Biomarkers Applied to Bipolar Disorder

The drawing shows an application of SDB in four dimensional space pertaining to Bipolar Disorder. SDB clearly distinguishes between maniac and depressive state including its predictive capabilities indicated among states 20-29.

                         xxxxxxx SDB Bipolar